Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pelusa Introduction

Well, everything's been good I guess. Dad called La Parguera to see fi we could stay there, but apparently it's full ;.; The small momnt of vacation hopes got ruined T.T

But anyways, it's time for a random things picture post!!!

1. As I haven't explained it here, I once had a bunny called Chavito. I adored that bunny and it lasted me almost 5 years. One thursday night, I returned from art class to find him hidin from me, which was reeally odd since he would always come out and greet me when I entered t laaundry room. I grabbed him and beheld a terribl sight, my bunnie's leg was broken!!!!! To this day I have not found the reason for this occurence. But anyways, I started screamin for my mother to come and crying. I have her the 411 and we hurried of to a 24 hours vet hopital. They took his x-rays to prove his injury, "wrapped" his leg and recomended us to a vet specialised in exotic animals (like birds, bunnies, hamsters, snakes, etc). Whn we did take him, to make the story shorter, we were told they had to perform surgery on his leg and so they did. They put a metal bar next to his bone (which he took in as a brave little bunny ;.; Im so proud) and had th leg treated and bandaged. So I was suppoed to give him medicine to his mouth every day. A month later, we went back to the vet as we were told so that the vet would check on his leg. Apparently, he had caught a disase common to bunnies in the area were his bone was supposed to rejoin. We got mad at the vet for not giving my bunny the proper medicine and took the Chavito home. Around 2 weeks later, we went for a vacation to mexico, and had a friend check on him daily. While having a nic vacation, I was called to be told my bunny had died T.T Oh shitzus, my eyes ar watreing T.T So yeah, my cavation was partly ruined. They guy who checked on him said he had died the same way one of his x-bunnies had... so I really dont know what hapened to my love ....
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After his leg got de-bandaged, playing with my dog.(his eyes werent red...)

título o descripción
Being an alien invasion bunny.
Chavito RIP I will always miss you ;.;
<img src="" alt="título o descripción" />

BUT ANYWAYS, I got a new bunny(this time female... I fear the day when the period comes) called Pelusa. She's like, the devil's pet!!!!!! She eats everything, destroys, break, anihilates!!!! If you go to the laundry room and let her get near you, you'll come out with a whole the size of rusia in your pants/socks/shoes!!!! And she' even more adventurous than my other bunny!!! Her eyes are grey, but at times, they flash red! It' scary! Still, I love her XP I love it when bunnies are full of surprises.

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título o descripción
Pelusa's first days with us. (teh first revelation of her EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL EYES!!!)

Now to her naughty ways!!!

This is where she likes to sleep.
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She also has gotten on top of this cilindrical thing I like to call heater.
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And is also commonly found in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th drawer of this almost dead thing. (as you can notice, the bottom net thing is EATEN due to her too)
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Now, onto other piccies!

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